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The news has just broken that a deadly virus has killed one woman in North Shore Sydney. The woman is the mother of two children, a young boy and girl. The news was on our television late last night but by the time I had turned on the TV, the entire North Shore was on the news. The paramedics, ambulances and even the fire brigade were at the scene. There has been a major power outage and repairs are underway.

Our plumbing staff have NOT been adversely affected by this virus and are continuing to operate at full capacity, following an urgent all day maintenance routine. We’ve contacted all our clients and advised them, as per advice given this afternoon. As a precaution, we’ve instructed all our staff, to keep these hours of maintenance with caution. The entire North Shore is open, as we return from our annual holiday next Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, following our scheduled restoration work for the week commencing mid next week. We will have all the relevant information, via our emergency plumbers North Shore web portal, including all services, at that site.”

Just before the news hit, I received an email from one of my customers, who is a local real estate agent. In the email, the customer asked me if I could find out if the plumbers could find the blocked drain “without a snake”. I looked up the “plumbing codes” for both North Shore and Burleigh Heads and was shocked to see that the code for Burleigh Head wasn’t even listed on the internet! Apparently the town has updated its plumbing standards, since many of the “old timers” complained about the “old style” of drainage systems used there. However, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that old pipes can be clogged with algae, hair, tree leaves, dirt, grease and more, so when a blockage occurs, it needs to be dealt with immediately.

The email went on to say, “A friend of mine had just come to our area after spending three weeks in Thailand and had hired a plumber from our office in North Burleigh Head. He had found blocked drains, a fridge which had stopped working (again) and a faulty air conditioning unit. Needless to say, he was nervous about hiring a professional plumbing company, as he’d read some of the reviews. Luckily we managed to get an appointment with the same plumber days later, and by the end of the week, his air conditioning repair job was progressing nicely, but he still hadn’t fixed the leaking pipe.

He’d called us for an emergency 24 hour plumbing needs response. We checked out the emergency call centre and were told to wait for a man from the emergency department. When the man arrived, he asked us to be ready for a quick response, because he was going to shuttle us over to the North Burleigh Head Police Station for an emergency water jetting inspection. A North Burleigh Head emergency plumber was called and the water jetting inspection was completed within eight hours.

The next day, the 24 hour plumber in North Shore was repairing a damaged sprinkler head. He said the sprinkler head had burst and was inaccessible. He was unavailable for several hours, due to his being in a neighbouring town, but returned to finish the repairs on the spot, while our hose pipe was repaired and back flowing. I thanked the emergency plumber for his services, as he contacted emergency services on our behalf and the repairs were carried out on time and without incident.

The plumber that contacted me last week had sent his son to a swimming camp, and when he returned he found the plumber’s son had washed his bike! The boy’s father told the plumber’s son that he had finished fixing one of the pipes on our building, when he suddenly noticed a damp spot on the surface of one of the walls. Our pipes were leaking! The plumber’s son took some time to find out what the problem was and advised the father that some plumbing repair work would be needed. The plumber team arrived on the scene just as our alarms went off, and the 24 hour plumber in North Shore started work fixing the pipe. What a great service he provided, by giving me 24 hour access to emergency plumbing services!

I will make sure that I have a 24 hour plumber in North Shore, or anywhere else in my area, available whenever I require 24 hour plumber in North Shore services. I am very glad that I did not have to hire someone to fix our broken sewer main, because I discovered it while doing a bathroom drain cleaning. My daughter and I are very lucky, because we discovered the problem while doing the chores around the house, so it did not take us long to fix the drainage problem. We are now satisfied with the fact that we are able to use the sewer pipes for our laundry, drinking water and for garden watering, instead of having to deal with broken sewer pipes! Call Local Emergency Plumber Chatswood for emergency plumbing, 24 hour plumber, and after hours plumbers.